LG's 2013 55EA9800 curved 55" OLED TV now down to $2,499

Amazon is now offering LG's 55EA9800 OLED TV (2013 model) for only $2,499, it's lowest price ever at Amazon.com. The EA9800 was replaced in 2014 by the 55EC9300 (which is now on sale for $2,999). Both TVs use a curved 55" Full-HD OLED panel.

Earlier this month LG announced their 2015 OLED TV lineup, so this 2013 model is two generations old. But it still offers one of the best images you can buy (besides LG's newest OLEDs, of course). In December 2014 I posted a review of LG's OLED TV.

Posted: Jan 23,2015 by Ron Mertens