LG's 15" AMOLED panel used in a professional 3D monitor

We just learned that TVLogic has unveiled a new professional 3D monitor - the TDM-150W. It uses a 15" AMOLED panel, which is the same one as used in LG's EL9500 OLED TV (it has the same specs: 1366x768 and 100,000:1 contras ratio). It's great to hear that LG are also offering the 15" panel for other products.

VLogic TDM-150WVLogic TDM-150W

Back in January, we posted that "3D might be the killer application for OLEDs". It's great to see the first actual 3D OLED product. Both Sony and Samsung have shown 3D OLED prototypes back in CES 2010. OLEDs are great for 3D viewing - fast response time (important for active-shutter 3D), great contrast and a large viewing angle.

Posted: Apr 13,2010 by Ron Mertens