A few days ago we posted that LG Display demonstrated an OLED Taillight module - the first time LGD actually unveiled an OLED lighting design for the automotive market. According to a new article in Business Korea, LGD is indeed in advanced talks with Germany automakers to supply OLED lighting systems starting in 2018.

According BK, LGD is in talks with Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen. The OLED lighting panels will be produced at LGD's upcoming 5-Gen OLED lighting fab. LGD's should start low-volume production soon, and the company aims to ramp-up production to 15,000 monthly substrates by the end of 2017.

According to a second report from Korea's DigitalTimes Corp, LGD is also interested in supplying the car makers with flexible OLED displays. LG Display is the only company that can supply both OLED displays and lighting and this could work for LGD's advantage in this market. Other players in the automotive OLED lighting market include OSRAM (which is currently supplying OLEDs for BMW and Audi) and Pioneer/KM.

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