LGD to soon decide whether to construct a Gen-5 OLED lighting fab

In October 2015, LG Chem announced that it has sold its OLED lighting business to LG Display, for $135 million USD, and the deal was finalized towards the end of 2015.

LG decided to consolidate all OLED production under LG Display - which will hopefully enable LG to advance OLED lighting more quickly - and at a lower cost. LG Chem has been discussing a Gen-5 OLED lighting production line since 2012, and the before the merger the company had plans to construct a new $185 million production line for OLED lighting by 2017.

When LGD bought the OLED lighting unit, the plans to construct the new fab were put on hold. According to a report from the OLED Association, LGD have now resumed the discussions, and a decision is likely to be reached by April 2016.

Posted: Feb 15,2016 by Ron Mertens