OLEDNet posted an article detailing the OLED technologies LG Display will showcase at CES 2017 in two days. LGD's most innovative displays will be a rollable 77" OLED TV panel and a double-sided UHD 77" display. LGD was also supposed to showcase a rollable OLED TV in CES 2016 - hopefully this time the company will actually show such a display in public.

LGD 18'' flexible OLED prototype photo

In addition to those 77" displays, LGD will also showcase a 55" transparent FHD OLED. LGD demonstrated a similar display at CES 2016, but hopefully this new display will be closer to commercialization and maybe LGD will indeed detail such plans at CES. OLEDNet says that the new transparent display will feature improved colors and more natural image quality.

LGD P-OLED instrument cluster concept, CES 2017

LGD will also showcase its flexible plastic-based small and medium sized OLED displays. The company will display the futuristic automotive instrument cluster you see above - which makes use of LGD's 12.3" FHD flexible curved OLEDs. The automotive demonstration will also include transparent and mirror OLEDs. LGD will also show case flexible OLEDs for smartphones (including a new 5.5" QHD panel) and wearables.

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