A couple of weeks ago LG Display demonstrated new OLED lighting products and solution at Light+Building 2016 - including the company's latest flexible OLED panels and the new mirror-solution transparent OLED-based system. LGD today published a video showing all those OLEDs and lamps at the company's L+B booth:

A couple of weeks ago LGD announced that it will invest in a Gen-5 (1000x1200 mm) OLED lighting fab that will be located in Gumi, South Korea. The initial capacity will be 15,000 monthly substrates, and LG will increase capacity depending on market reception. Mass production in the new fab is expected by the first half of 2017.

In October 2015, LG Display announced that it has acquired LG Chem's OLED lighting business for $135 million USD. The deal was finalized towards the end of 2015.

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