According to a new report in Korea, LG Display is delaying its P10 10.5-Gen OLED TV fab plans. The company's original plan was to start mass production (with 30,000 monthly substrate) in H1 2022, but the date now shifted to 2023.

LGD P10 OLED fab, Paju Korea (March 2019)

The report says that LG Display notified one of its main equipment suppliers, YAS, that it is delaying its plans. Other main suppliers for the P10 fab include Applied Materials and Jusung Engineering.

In July 2019, LGD announced an additional $2.5 billion investment in the P10 line, but since then the company has gone through a massive reorganization which could be what is behind the delay (even though the main point of this move was to focus more on OLED technologies). In addition LGD is facing delays in the ramp-up of its new 8.5-Gen OLED TV line in Guangzhou.



This is bad news for the advent of cheap OLED TVs

The delay is really unfortunate as the sooner there are several 10.5-Gen or bigger size substrate OLED fabs, the sooner big OLED TVs (65-inch / 88-inch or higher) will become cheap... 

It will still take at least 5 years (so after ~2025) for having the dream of big size thin wallpaper OLED displays (ideally with touch and integrated camera) to become mainstream :(...


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