Towards the end of 2015 LG Display announced that it plans to build a new OLED fab (P10) in Paju in a $8.7 billion investment to produce both mid-sized flexible OLED and large-sized OLED TV panels. LGD considered for a while whether this new fab will be based on Gen-8 production or Gen-10.

LG Display production hub in Paju

According to a new report from Korea, LGD has ordered its first batch of deposition equipment for the P10 line, which will be Gen-10.5 (2940 x 3370 mm). The first line will have a production capacity of 30,000 substrates per month, which will greatly increase LGD's total OLED TV production capacity. LGD finished the construction of the building and the fab is expected to be complete in the first half of 2018.

ETNews says that LGD's total equipment cost for the new fab will be between $1.8 billion to $2.8 billion USD - more than double of the cost of LGD's previous Gen-8 fabs, but LGD hopes that larger substrates will enable it to produce the OLED TV panels at a lower cost than before.

The report also says that together with the equipment for its P10 line in Paju, LGD also ordered equipment for its upcoming Gen-8 fab in Guangzhou, China - which the Korean government recently approved.

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