LG Display's CFO says that LGD expects its OLED display panel business to become profitable in a few years. LGD is on track to invite major TV makers to join is OLED Alliance, an initiative the company announced in March 2015.

LG 55EA9800 smart menu photo

He says that if they see more demand for OLED TVs, then they will invest more, and the next two and three years are crucial for the company to "gauge the profitability of its OLED business".

It is always great to see LG's commitment to its OLED TV program. Earlier reports suggested that LGD actually hopes that its OLED unit will become profitable in 2015



Does this mean that the Oled

Does this mean that the Oled business is in a downfall?What if LGD does not see profits in 16 and 17?I sure hope there is a cheaper replacement technology in the magicians sleeve to pull instead of oled...

Everything else thats out

Everything else thats out there is garbage compared to OLED.

I cant understand why they cant make enough OLED`s to make them cheap... 

OLED monitors would fly like hotcakes among PC users.


LG willsee more demand when they launch flat screened OLED televisions.

Agreed! That's what I'm

Agreed! That's what I'm waiting for. And if they really want to see demand increase, lower the price. Make it a viable option for people. Right now it is quite a premium that most people just can't justify.

I hope they keep growing OLED

The last time I spoke with my local AV shop, they would not carry any OLEDs due to price. The tech is far superior to anything on the market, but the prices are not in reach of the average consumer. I think LG deserves to make a profit on OLED, but it stands a much better chance of profitability, IMHO, with lower prices and flat screens.

In the meantime, I think LG should come out with OLED computer monitors.

Sorry Ron, but statements

Sorry Ron, but statements like "we will invest more when we see more demand" are not exactly showing much of a commitment. If anything this tells me that the bosses at LG are growing worried because LG Display keeps losing money on this...

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