DisplaySearch revealed in its latest Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report that OLED shipments grew to 16.1M and revenues hit $112.0M in Q2'06. Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) displays compete with LCDs in small/medium applications such as mobile phone main displays and subdisplays, MP3s and automotive consoles. OLED shipments increased 44% Q/Q due to 48% increase in subdisplays and a 36% growth in MP3 player sales. PMOLEDs continue to dominate the market with a revenue share of over 98%. There are 23 small molecule and 2 P-OLED producers with small molecule having a 97% revenue share.

LG jumped past Samsung SDI and RiTdisplay and led in units and revenue in Q2'06 with 3.6M displays and $27.5 in revenue. Samsung SDI was #2 in both shipments and revenue, and Pioneer moved up to #3. Recovering from a very poor Q1'06, Univision was #4 in revenue, up 361%, and RiTdisplay fell to #5.

Other news include:

  • Ness Display (Singapore) closed its doors after producing 190K displays, as the company ran out of funds due to the combination of poor yields on color and the continuing reduction in ASPs. Varitronix (Hong Kong) was a major investor, and it is unclear whether they intend to take over the assets.
  • Teco (Taiwan) is moving their Fab from Taiwan to China and has stopped production.
  • Opto Tech (Taiwan) is attempting to find a buyer or an investor and has stopped production.
  • After reaching volumes of over 700K panels/quarter, Lightronix (Taiwan) was down to 30-40K.
  • AMOLED producers continue to struggle with LTPS yields, causing AUO and Chi Mei to reduce their staffing levels until the problems are resolved. Samsung SDI continues to forecast AMOLED production for Q4'06.

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