LG Electronics announced that next month it will launch the G Flex phone in more than 20 European countries, including the UK, Germany, France and Italy. Currently the phone has been available in Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, and it's also coming to the US for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

LGE says that they are confident in the global marketplace for a curved premium smartphone. Of course it's going to be very expensive and so will remain a niche product. According to some reports 13,000 G Flex phones were shipped (mostly in Korea obviously).



Now will Amoled on flexible substrate start it's avalanche!

With the start of launching LG G Flex will now Amoled on flexible substrate start it's avalanche as the main future display tech.

Flexible Amoleds will also in some few years have graphene layers

for both electrode material for multi-touch functionality

but also for making flexible Amoleds with in-built speakers.

Apple have searched US patent for using EAP=Electro-Active-Polymers,

and for that tech for tactile response in virtual keyboard

fits flexible Amoleds very well!

LG had a slow start on OLED

LG had a slow start on OLED but it winning the game by proper selection of technologies.