Our friends from FlatPanelsHD visited LG Display in Korea, and came back with some interesting information regarding LG's plans for the OLED TV market.

First of all, LG is still developing its 0.97mm wallpaper-thin OLED TV with an aim to make it more durable - and also to figure out the cable issues. Currently LG is using an external box for all the connections - and LG considers using this design in future OLED TVs so the display itself can stay as thin as possible. The current plan is to release a 0.97 mm OLED TV commercially towards the end of 2016.

For the more immediate future, LG's 2016 OLED TV lineup is more or less decided by now. LG will focus on 4K, HDR and a wide color gamut. Display brightness will be increased in 2016 - in fact it seems that LG aims to double the OLED TV brightness in their next-generation TVs. LG also promises "big surprises" for CES 2016, but no details were given.

LG OLED TV future roadmap 2015 slide

LG also discussed their display roadmap - and the company aims to move beyond today's curved and flexible OLEDs towards gigantic wall displays that are bezel-less, rollable, and transparent, as you can see in the image above.

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