According to a report from Korea, LG Electronics (together with LG Display) are launching a massive UHD OLED TV marketing campaign in China. The Chinese National Day holidays started on October 1st and LG already offers their UHD OLED TVs on sale by subscription.

LG Display has been touring 10 major cities in China in the past months, demonstrating how OLEDs are superior in image quality to LCD TVs.

According to ETNews, LG's market share in the Chinese UHD TV market is only 1.6%. The market is currently led by Samsung, Sony, Sharp and Chinese makers Skyworth, Hisense and Changhong. LG hopes that its OLED TVs will help increase its market share.

According to the report, its OLED TV supply in China cannot meet the current demand. And the company now gears up to supply a large number of TVs to the Chinese market now.

LG Display is also supplying OLED TV panels to Chinese makers Changhong and Skyworth. These are Full-HD panels and as far as I know currently LG Electronics is the only company that offers UHD OLED TVs.

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