LG slashed the price of their 55" curved OLED TV in the UK from £7,999 to £4,999 (about $8,100). That's a reduction of almost 40%. Now in the UK the TV is actually cheaper than in the US (where it still lists for $8,999). It's highly likely that LG will soon drop the price in the US too, probably to around $6,000.

LG's curved OLED TV was launched in the US in August 2013 for $14,999. A month later the price dropped to $9,999, and in November LG lowered the price again to $8,999. If they'll indeed slash the price again to around $6,000 it means the TV's price dropped 60% in less than half a year!

LG Display is building a new M2 Gen-8 OLED TV fab. The company is still on track to start production in middle 2014 in this fab which will have a monthly capacity of 26,000 substrate (LGD's total investment will be around $650 million). This fab will increase LG's OLED TV capacity quite dramatically and we should certainly expect further OLED TV price drops in 2014.

LG's EA9800 is a 55" curved OLED TV, featuring an Oxide-TFT WRGB Full-HD OLED panel (like LG's 55EM9700 OLED TV). The TV features "infinite" contrast ratio, passive 3D, Smart Touch Controls and a "paper-slim" design. It is made from Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) and weighs just 17 Kg and is only 4.3 mm thick. The curved screen "removes any hint of visual distraction to maximize the viewing experience".

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