LG Display is showing some new OLED lighting products and solution at Light+Building 2016. LG's latest flexible OLED panels - including the 200x50 mm and 406x50 mm panels already on offer from LG.

LG Flexible OLED solution (L+B 2016)

Above you can see the main highlight of the flexible OLED section uses new 320x320 mm flexible panels. I believe this is the first time such panels are on display, and there's no word on availability yet.

LG Flexible OLED solution 2 (L+B 2016)

LG is also showcasing a new "Mirror Solution" which uses OLEDs embedded into mirrors. We've seen similar ideas from Philips (and others) in the past, but this is the first time LG showcases such design ideas.

LG Flexible mirror OLED solution (L+B 2016)

In October 2015, LG Display announced that it has acquired LG Chem's OLED lighting business for $135 million USD. The deal was finalized towards the end of 2015. It was reported that LG Display is now considering whether to construct a new Gen-5 OLED lighting fab (before the merger LG Chem had plans to construct a new $185 million production line for OLED lighting by 2017). A decision is likely to be reached by April 2016.

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