LG to show a circular smartwatch next week, will it use an OLED?

A few days ago it was reported that LG is already developing its second-gen Android Wear smartwatch, this one with a flexible AMOLED panel. Now LG published a teaser that shows a circular smart watch (quite similar to Motorola's Moto 360) that the company will unveil next week at the IFA trade show.

It doesn't seem to use a flexible OLED (it seems like a flat display) - but it makes sense that if LG intends this watch to be always-on, with its mostly black UI, they will choose an OLED display as it will be much more efficient in this mode.

On the other hand, the same logic applied to Motorola's Moto 360, which apparently uses an LCD...

Posted: Aug 25,2014 by Ron Mertens