LG says that according to independent testing by UBI Research, their 55EA9800 curved OLED TV is superior to Samsung's KN55S9C in several aspects. So first of all, LG display's OLED TV is much smaller. It weighs 17.2 Kg while Samsung's TV weighs 32.8 Kg. LG's TV is also 8.2 mm slimmer (4.3 mm vs 12.5 mm) and has a narrower side and top/bottom bezels.

LG says that this is because their TV design is much more simple. They say they use 952 circuit components while Samsung uses 3382 components.

LG also says that they earned a better energy efficiency rating in Korea, as their TV consumes 265W while Samsung's S9C consumes 295W.

Of course for more people, what really matters is the image quality and not the number of components. Currently only HDGuru tested both OLED TVs and they say that while both offer the best image quality they ever saw, they liked the Samsung's OLED better. Samsung's TV is also currently cheaper ($8999 vs LG's $9,999).



High power consumption

I thought that oled was a energy efficient technology. 265 & 295 W seems pretty much. And it would probably be even higher with a 4K oled panel. This is not what i expected.

With OLED displays, the power

With OLED displays, the power consumption depends on the image shown. It's interesting to know what kind of image this power consumption is measured against. An all white? 60% white?

Less component but more expensive? Go figure...

I kind of wonder, if LG OLED tech is simpler and use less component than Samsung, why they cannot compete in price? Is it just the case of LG gouging and robbing their early customer as much as possible? :P

Samsung OLED

As good as this TV is, the relatively high price will put many off buying into this technology. As happened with the first plasma screens which were beyond ths pocket of Joe public, but are now almost given away. like all new technology, presumably the prices will eventually fall . 

I will have to live with my LED LCD TV a bit longer, in the hope this happens! 

their technology are different !

Samsung's OLED TV is direct emission OLED which uses RGB 3 color OLED sub-pixels (no color fliters), but LG's OLED TV is WOLED-CF which uses white OLED as backlight with WRGB 4 color filters on top.

yeah,i agree with lg .  

yeah,i agree with lg .