In October 2020 LG Electronics started shipping the world's first rollable OLED TV, the 65" 65RX OLED TV. The price is set at KRW 100 million (USD 87,000). That price was actually cheaper than expected - but according to a report from Korea LGE managed to sell only 10 such TVs.

LG rollable OLED TV RX photo

According to the report, it's not just the high price that is keeping consumers away - the TV, which is based on rollable glass, is not very durable.

Of course it was quite clear that at such a high price point, LG did not aim to ship many units. We hope that in time it will improve its production process, durability - and manage to reduce prices and find markets for large-area rollable OLEDs.



Upside down on ceiling

In My Humble Opinion (IMHO), a rollable display might make more sense if it was integrated with speakers upside down in a ceiling : it would pop-up down from the ceiling for a cinema night, and then rolled back up when not needed anymore.

But even this case scenario would be a rare case, so it would anyway be a small market niche