LG recently launched a new commercial OLED unit, offering OLED displays for retail and signage applications. LG Electronics published two nice videos showing and praising the large OLED installations the company recently installed at Seoul's Incheon Airport and the N Seoul Tower in Seoul itself:

At the N Seoul Tower LG installed four different OLED installations with 248 55" OLED TV panels. On the tower's first floor, LG installed the OLED Panorama and OLED tunnel. On the second floor is the OLED circle and on the fourth floor there is the 24-meters long OLED Wave.

Seoul's Incheon Airport hosts the world's largest OLED display - a huge 13x8 meter tiled display made from 140 individual 55" OLED TV displays. Those 55" OLEDs offer a 4K resolution each - which means that there are 290 million pixels in total.

LG's first actual commercial OLED products are the Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED which offers slim tiles (two, three or four), each 65" in size and 4K in resolution and the Dual-View Flat OLED which uses a single double-sided 55" FHD panel and three different installation options.

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