In January 2017 we posted about LG Electronics wallpaper OLED panel that will be adopted in its commercial OLED signage range. LGE finally officially launched this new product, as part of its commercial unit, which also ships dual-sided flat OLEDs and dual-sided curved OLEDs.

The so called "LG OLED Wallpaper Display" features a 55-inch panel and surprisingly only an FHD resolution (all of LG's 2017 OLED TVs feature 4K resolution). The whole panel weights less than 5.8Kg and the width is just 3.65 mm.An ultra-slim mounting brackets with a magnetic mat create a truly seamless design that becomes one with the wall. Electronic components are housed in a separate control box connected to the display with a 2-meter cable. You can see more in the installation video above.

LG's OLED Wallpaper Display offers 64GB of internal memory, content scheduling and Wi-Fi connectivity through the use of a Wi-Fi USB dongle for ease of installation and end-user operation.

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