Earlier this wee LG started shipping their 65" 4K OLED TV (65EC9700) in the US for $9,999 (some outlets price it at $6,000 - $8,000 but these aren't shipping any TVs yet so I'm not sure if it's real).

It was pointed out to me that several online retailers in Switzerland now offer the 65" 4K OLED TV for pre-order. And the price is set at only 3,700-3,900 CHF - which is about $3,900 - 4,100. I talked to two of those retailers, and they say that this is the real price. Both do not have the TVs in stock yet but you can pre-order.

So, is this for real? I'm not sure. It seems highly unlikely that the price in Switzerland will be less than half then the current price in the US. This is probably an error on the side of the LG distributor in Switzerland. I'll keep watching though.



Not for pre-order anymore

The TV seems to be oversold before in stock, or it was a mistake of the distributor and now this was corrected.

Anyway, also the 55" display was quoted to me to be available in Basel-area electronics retailers for 2600 CHF, already 3 weeks ago. This is still 20% lower than what you pay at Amazon

Maybe Switzerland is targeted by LG or its distributor to be test country for lower prices to see how customers decide if an OLED TV is sold at an equal price as a premimum LCD...  

I want to believe !

It's still on Azone for 4,700 CHF and on High Definition for 5,000 CHF in november (and they say "Our/this supplier has confirmed availability at the given date.")

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