In the past few weeks LG kept lowering the price of its 2016 OLED TVs, to the point that I'm feeling these posts are repeating themselves... but it's good news for consumers. LG now reduced the price of its 65" curved 4K OLEDC6 to $3,799. The 55" OLEDC6 still costs $2,799.

LG OLED65C6P photo

LG's OLED C6 is a series of curved 4K smart OLED TVs introduced in 2016, that feature LG's webOS 3.0, Color Prime PRO technology and HDR. The C6 series are LG's basic-level OLED TVs for 2016 (together with the flat OLEDB6).



price drop

That is simply not true. The price everywhere is still $4,500 for the 65inch B6


When the flat 65" gets to $1,000 or less, I will buy one.

Robert,It seems that the


It seems that the price is back up to $4,500. This sometimes happens, but usually when it does, the price will go down back in a few days. This is interesting to watch!

Personally, I'm waiting for

Personally, I'm waiting for the 77" to get below 2000€. Until then, I'll just keep using cheap projectors, since the blacks suck on all of them anyway...

LG's 2016 OLEDs are worth

LG's 2016 OLEDs are worth much more than $1,000.


Where did you get the info that LG lowered their price below 4500 bucks.  I have been watching online constantly and that never happened.  You had a bad source apparently.


That probably will never happen.  I dont think Ive seen even a budget 65 inch tv go below a grand.  OLED 65 inchers will might make it below 2,k in two or three years...but even that is a reach.

keep waiting

May have to wait till 2030!

This is from Amazon. If you

This is from Amazon. If you go check the price now, you will see it is $3,999 .

I can confirm Amazon was

I can confirm Amazon was showing 2499 / 3999 for the 55" and 65" C6 respectively for a little while. It was through a third party seller (Beach Camera).

At any rate I ordered the 55" direct through Amazon and then requested a price match, so got the 55" for 2499 shipped.


Um, no...I just went there and they are still $4500.00.  Can you give a link to where you are seeing that?

That's alright, I've been

That's alright, I've been waiting for about 15 years already anyway...

I only saw the C6 for that

I only saw the C6 for that price, not the B6.  It was on the regular product page:

Price is back to 2799 / 3999 now, however.


I don't get you.  I just went to your link and nowhere do I see the 65 inch c6 or b6 for $3999

I see that the price keeps

I see that the price keeps fluctuating... sometimes you can catch it at $3,999 - I'm not sure why Amazon keeps changing the price like this.