LG announced it will launch a new OLED TV at the IFA 2013 exhibition next week. The GALLERY OLED TV (55EA8800) seems to be similar to the flat 55EM9700, except that it is wall-mounted. The TV also offers a 2.2 channel sound system in the frame (see image below) using LG's new Canvas Speakers and a special Gallery Mode that shows high-res images of famous paintings (that's why they call it a GALLERY TV)

LGE 55-inch OLED TV

LG did not reveal the price of this TV yet - and when and where it'll be launched. We can guess it will be similar to the EM9700 - which is now on sale in South Korea for 9.9 million won (about $8,900), and in the UK for £9,999 (about $15,000, but it's likely that LG will reduce the price soon).

I think flat OLED TVs that are wall mounted make a lot more sense then curved ones. OLEDs are so thin (we do not know the width of this one, but the EM9700 is just 4 mm thick) that they look great mounted on a wall - like a thin picture frame indeed.

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