LG Display reported their financial results for Q1 2013. The company saw a small operating profit of about $135 million. It's an improvement over last year, but it's down 74% from Q4 2012. LG Display was mainly hurt by a seasonal slowdown and weaker sales to Apple.

Regarding LG's OLED TV, the company still refers to OLEDs as their "ultimate differentiated product", and says that once their new OLED TV fab will reach 26,000 monthly substrates (still scheduled for the middle of 2014) it will "positively impact the profitability", as OLEDs will carry a higher margin than LCDs.

LG Display will not build any new fabs, but will rather convert existing LCD lines to OLED and/or 4K2K LCD panel production. In 2014, the company expects at over 50% of their capital expenditures (capex) will be spent on OLED production.