LG Display signs a license agreement with Solas OLED regarding its OLED TV patents

Ireland-based OLED IP company Solas OLED announced that LG Display settled its OLED TV patent dispute with the company, and has agreed to pay a license for its patents. This resolves a number of patent infringement actions (in the US, China and Germany) brought by Solas against LG Display and a certain number of its customers, including Sony Corporation.

Towards the end of 2020 Solas filed a complaint to the US International Trade Commission against Samsung Electronics and BOE, saying that the two companies infringe upon some of its AMOLED patents.

In November 2020 we reported that Solas prevailed in its patent infringement action in Germany against LG Display, LG Electronics and Sony - this is the case that is now settled with LGD. Solas dropped two lawsuits it filed in the US against Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. In 2020 Solas OLED has also filed a lawsuit in the US against Apple for OLED stack patent infringements.

Posted: Feb 21,2021 by Ron Mertens