LG Display reported its financial results for Q2 2018, with revenues decreasing 1% from the previous quarter and 15% compared to Q2 2017. The company's operating loss increased to $200 million USD. LGD's lower revenues were the result of softer LCD TV panel prices and lower display shipments for smartphones and other devices.

LG Display says that it will cut it 2018-2020 CAPEX by $2.7 billion as a result of these market conditions. This expenditure cut, however, will not effect its shift towards OLED technologies, so it will probably be centered on LCD technologies.

LG Display further detailed that it expects mass production in its flexible E6 OLED Production line to begin in early Q4 2018 (originally it planned for Q3 2018). In addition the company finally hopes to become profitable in its OLED TV business in Q3 2018, after years of losses.

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