LG Display reported their financial results for Q2 2013. Revenues decreased slightly to $5.8 billion and the net income was $93 million. Overall this was a good report as the company turned profitable and their outlook for Q3 was strong.

Regarding OLEDs, Hee Yeon Kim, LGD's Head of Investor Relations said that the company still sees OLED as their ultimate differentiated products and they will continue to focus on obtaining on OLED business space that would generate profit from this business as early as possible. About 80% of LGD's CapEx in 2013 will go towards OLED and LTPS and other "advanced display effects".

OLED TV yields are continually improving and the setting up of the 2nd OLED fab (M2) has been carried out on schedule. They still aim to start mass-scale production (26,000 monthly Gen-8 substrates) in the middle of 2014, but exact ramping-up hasn't been decided yet as it depends on yield improvements. They will give more details hopefully in the first half of 2014.

Regarding LG's plastic-based OLED, they said again that they will start production in the middle of the second half of 2013. We know that one of LGD's clients is LG Electronics, who wants to produce the first flexible-OLED phone by the end of 2013.

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