LG Display announces a collaboration with smart glass developer Gauzy. The two companies will showcase 55-inch FHD transparent OLED displays at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2021 (which started yesterday in Munich, Germany).

LG Display's transparent OLED display at Gauzy's IAA2021 booth

LG Display will cooperate with Gauzy to replace windows in various types of transportation vehicles to enable smart and dynamic transparent displays.

At the show, LGD will showcase two displays. One is equipped with IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) technology, a special tempered glass that provides the strength to handle impact and vibration. The second product is laminated with Gauzy’s SPD (Suspended Particle Device) Smart Glass technology, which enables high contrast ratios, thereby making the OLED even more adaptable to bright environments and shifting light conditions.

Gauzys SPD technology dims the Transparent OLED panel to any desired opacity, blocking up to 99% of light and allowing high contrast and rich colors through day and night.

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