LG Display aims to produce OLED panels for monitors in laptops by 2017

According to ETNews, LG display aims to start producing OLED panels for computer monitors and laptops. LG wants to diversify their OLED product lineup, and this seems like a logical next step. ETNws estimates that the first monitors will be released in 2016 or 2017.

Samsung 12.1 inch laptop prototype, 2009Samsung 12.1 inch laptop prototype, 2009

LG Display is currently focused to solve the burn-in problem inherent with OLEDs which is a problem with monitors. LG also sees blurred-images on their OLEDs when used with different image sizes and monitor frequencies and has to solve that as well. LGD will first produce monitor panels and notebooks will come next as prices will have to be lower for that market segment.

Currently we have OLEDs in wearables, mobile devices and OLED TVs - but medium sized panels for laptops and monitors are indeed missing from the market. Market analyst doubt whether many consumers will be willing to pay a premium for an OLED laptop/monitor - but it's clear that at least some consumers are anxiously waiting for such high end OLED monitors.

Posted: Dec 09,2015 by Ron Mertens



No shit... I've been sending emails and posting on their social media for years....

We need this! !! I won't be happy with my setup until I have an OLED Monitors 

The PC monitor community is too bitchy about bright/dead/stuck pixels so much so that the manufacturers will not produce OLED monitors until they are "disposable" cheap like LCD is today.

What do you do with a 2000$ RMA panel?

Grind it and scatter it over electronic landfill.

2000$ RMA panel!


I have been waiting for OLED laptops for years,

LED laptops is really hurting my eyes,

I will buy the first OLED laptop launched.

I will definitely buy an OLED monitor if the price is reasonable! I could use it only when watching movies and playing games to prevent the burn-in.

Game UIs could theoretically burn in.

Somewhat happened to me with a plasma TV once. Fortunately, running some feature to get rid of such ghost images for a while did the trick. (The TV was new, expensive and not mine...)


Still... Based on just minimal uneven wear on my ancient Samsung Galaxy, I have no such worries about OLED.

The company I work at also tests games on such phones and you can bet that people don't always manually turn off the display. Yet, I've never seen burn-in on any of the devices.

I have been wanting ANY sort of videophile-grade solution in small monitor packages for so many years now. It's really obnoxious every time I have to go out of town and deal with the low-grade LCDs that are standard fair in almost all hotels. OLED is just so far and away drastically better, I wouldn't hesitate to drop a thousand dollars for a 17-24" portable monitor.