LG Display aims to make large size OLED a major profit generator

LG Display announced weak results for Q2 2012 (a net loss of almost $100 million). During the conference call, LGD's CEO gave some interesting updates on their OLED program. First of all, the company decided to convert a 6-Gen LCD fab to LTPS - to produce both LCDs and plastic based small sized OLEDs.

LG's Gen-8 pilot line will be ready in the second half of 2012. They haven't yet decided about the scale and timing of additional investment on that line. They're waiting to see if there's a market demand for OLED TVs. But in any case, the company will try to make large OLED panels a major profit generator within two or three years - i.e. by 2015. LGD already said that it expects OLED TVs to take off by 2015.

Finally, it appears that LGD is "getting ready for utilizing OLED for further display segment" and is also preparing for transparent OLEDs.

Posted: Jul 27,2012 by Ron Mertens