LG Display aims to establish an OLED TV alliance

LG Display's CEO, Han Sang-Beom, says that LG Display is in talks with companies in China, Japan and the US with an aim to establish an OLED TV alliance. He did not specify any details regarding the proposed alliance.

LG Display already supplies OLED TV panels to several companies in China (including Skyworth, Changhong, Haier, Konka and KTC) and is also collaborating with Panasonic and Grundig. LG Display has been in talks with Sony and Panasonic to supply OLED panels since at least January 2013.

Last month it was reported that LG Electronics aims to collaborate with the TV makers, which was a bit confusing. If this new report from today is correct, than this clarifies the issue, as the alliance coordinator is LGD and not LGE (which makes more sense).

Posted: Mar 09,2015 by Ron Mertens



What is the difference (in your view) between an "alliance" and just selling panels?  Would an alliance member have to commit to a minimum purchase $?  Would the alliance need to agree to a common spec?



I think an Alliance will mostly focus on marketing messages, common standards, maybe joint marketing efforts, etc. LGD is already selling OLED panels to many TV makers, and most of them would not acknowledge the fact publicly.

is there a difference between LG and LGD aren't they are the same company ?

There are several LG companies. LGD is LG Display, they are producing the OLED (and LCD) panels. LG Electronics (LGE) is the company that develops and markets OLED (and LCD) TVs, phones, etc.

Under the umbrella called LG, there are many LG affiliates. In Electronics area, there are LG Electronics (mostly consumer appliances including TV, mobile phone, refrigerator, vacuumm machines etc), LG Display (making display incuding OLED display), LG Innotek (electronics components), LG Chem ( plastic resin, secondary cell, OLED's organic materials and OLED panel for lighting) etc