Following Samsung's curved OLED TV price cuts (Samsung's S9C currently costs $8,999 in the US), LG decided to slash their own OLED TV prices. Its curved OLED TV (the 55EA9800) will now cost 10.9 million Won (about $9,800) - down from 15 million Won (around $13,500). It is reported that the price in the US will drop to $9,999 (down from $14,999).

LG also reduced the price of the 55EM9700 55" flat-panel OLED TV in Korea to 9.9 million won (about $8,900) down from 11 million Won ($9,800). Like Samsung, LG says they want to make OLEDs affordable for more consumers.

These price cuts by LG and Samsung are obviously an effort to appear as the most technology advanced and price-competitive company. Both companies are still producing a tiny amount of OLED TVs in a very expensive process. But it's good to see the Korean companies actually sell and push OLED TVs and hopefully prices will drop further when mass production begins.

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