In March 2014, LG Chem announced the world's largest OLED lighting panel at 320x320 mm. The company now finally started mass producing this panel. The 0.88 mm thick N6SD30 features 60 lm/W, 800-1,200 lumens brightness, a high CRI (>90) and a color temperature of 3000K.

LG Chem Rail OLED Connection photo

LG Chem also announced two new mounting solutions for easy OLED lighting panel installation with magnetic connections. First up we have the Rail Connection type (shown above), in which each panel is cased and a DC-DC driver is integrated. The AC-DC driver supplies the DC to the conductor rail, and each lighting unit is magnetically attached to the rail.

LG Chem Linear OLED Connection photo

The second mounting solution is the Linear Connection (shown above). In this connection type each lighting panel is magnetically connected to other units in a series, and each panel is magnetically attached to the metal surface. When distance between the panels is required, an extension bar can be placed in between. Both Rail Connection and Linear Connection uses LG's 200x50 mm panels (0.88 thick, 60 lm/W, 90 CRI and a lifetime of 40,000 hours - LT70).

LG Chem transparent electrode OLED photo

Finally, LG Chem also announced another application idea that utilizes transparent electrodes. In this case 320x110mm OLED panels are placed inside a sheet of glass that is laminated with a transparent mesh conductive film. This allows the OLEDs to be lit without any direct wiring - to achieve a "floating" effect. Different shapes and sizes of OLEDs can be applied for diverse design needs.



Specialist in annoucement

Maybe they should 1st realize what they announced few years ago with flexible OLEDs, cost reduction, availability for any customer, etc...Currently we don't see so much



Flexible OLED is ready and I have even 1 pcs on my desk. It will be commercially available very soon.

Cost reduction? Last year we have reduced our costs by 66% isn't it quite a lot?

What is the problem with availability? All panels are available.

Easily replaceable

This looks like a very nice solution. Easy to replace faulty sections, and flexiblity on where the light is.

oled availability

I have the Same Problem.. where can i buy These Panels ? Link?

I hope they'll also produce

I hope they'll also produce different color temperatures in time. Because the dark days in the past couple of weeks have made me realize that warm light seems to offset my body's day/night cycle. Contrary to cool fluorescent light. But obviously that is not exactly healthy for different reasons.

I have found some regular "daylight bulbs" (incandescent bulbs with coating) that give off a fairly cool light but they are rare and of course very inefficient.

Buy cool white LEDs

Why do you need incandescent bulbs with coating, if you can buy inorganic LEDs.

To give you enough dose of blue light during dark winter days, LEDs are pretty much perfect. Of course, later during the evening you may switch to warm-white cozy OLEDs...



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