LG Chem published a short video that shows how OLEDs emit very little heat. The video shows an OLED lamp next to a fluorescent light and how much heat they emit:



I find it really annoying

I find it really annoying that these panels cannot simply be ordered at some online store. I'm renovating my  apartment and would like to use these but the local retailer LG forwarded me to ignored my request...

So LG compares OLED to an

So LG compares OLED to an outdated technology to show how good it is...they might as well have used an incandescent bulb or a candle to show this.

What REALLY would have made sense is to compare to LED as that is the state of the art technology OLED is going up against.

Of course then one would see that there is no advantage for the OLED panel as LEDs also do not emit infrared so...

But non-LED is still widely

But non-LED is still widely used and IMO rightly so because it is damn hard to find a LED lamp with accurate color  reproduction. I've found exactly two warm-white LED lamps so far that have a proven Ra of over 90. (And you can forget about daylight with LED)