A few months ago LG Chem installed over 550 OLED desk lamps with 1,100 panels at Seoul National University's new main library. LG Chem said that SNU adopted OLED lighting because they energy efficient, extremely comfortable to the eyes - and they enable modern designs due to their slim profile.

LG Chem now conducted a survey, asking 150 SNU students what they think of the new lamps. They published the results in the video above. To summarize? The students are happy with those lamps, they say that OLED provides a very comfortable light that helps them concentrate...



Lighting Survey

Too bad they did not do a survey prior to the installation (with whatever lights were there)...would be a lot more meaningful.

Good news nonetheless!

SNU never had task lights in their library

SNU never had task lights in their library, hence could not compare with prior condition.