LG Electronics announced that its upcoming LG G8 ThinQ smartphone will feature the company's Crystal Sound OLED (CSO) technology - which turns the OLED display into an audio speaker.

LG crystal sound OLED smartphone scheme

The idea is that a CSO display vibrates and turns into a diaphragm - to produce high quality sound. LG says that such a speaker improves the clarity compared to regular smartphone speakers. The G8 ThinQ will also use other audio technology, including DST-X 3D Surround Sound emulation, Hi-Fi Quad DAC, Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) and more.

LG first launched its CSO technology in January 2017, in large-area OLED TV panels. This is the first time we hear of a CSO smartphone display which is interesting news. LG Display also demonstrated CSO OLED lighting panels. In May 2018 Samsung Display demonstrated similar technology.

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