LG Chem, LG Electronics and Designboom teamed up for a new OLED lighting design competition. The first category will use LG Chem's standard rigid OLED panels. The winner will receive $5,000 and the runner up will receive $3000. In the second category, one can use LG Chem's flexible panels and/or transparent panels. There will be one winner in that category ($5,000).

This is not just a design competition - LG wants to find lamp designs that they can produce, and they will have the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the designs for production. If I understand it correctly, LG will pay $10,000 for the rights to the design they want to produce.

LG Chem are currently producing rigid (glass-based) OLED Lighting panels featuring 45 lm/W and 60 lm/W efficiency. They are also planning to start making 80 lm/W panels in July 2013. The company is also gearing up towards flexible OLED lighting panels in July 2013. These 200x50 mm panels will feature 45 lm/W.

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