In January 2014, LG unveiled a bendable 77" 4K OLED - a TV that can change from flat to curved (using a "combination of water and motors" - whatever that means). When at full curve, the curve is eight centimeters in total. An LG official now says that LG plans to release such a bendable OLED TV in 2015.

We do not know what will be the size of their first bendable TV, but it sure is going to be expensive. But this is actually a neat idea because it means you can wall-mount the TV on the wall and keep it flat, and only curve it when you want to watch it and when it makes sense. A 2015 release is actually in line with LG's original plan in early 2014.



I would that they make a

I would that they make a normal flat 40" oled TV that is interesting for most of the people. Not this useluss (for normal home) eyecatching products.

LG Bendable OLED TV

LG is tacitly admitting that trying to market curved tvs, when there was no demand for them in the first place was a silly thing to do, and are just trying to save face by adding this farcical option of allowing owners to be able to flatten out the curved monstrosity, but of course have to pay a premium for being able to do so.


More moving parts means more parts that can fail. No thank you LG. 

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