Lenovo demonstrates two foldable device prototypes

Lenovo recently demonstrated two new foldable device prototypes that use flexible OLED displays. First up is the CPlus, a smartphone that turns into a smartwatch or actually a smart "band" that is worn on the wrist.

The CPlus sports a 4.26" display, and is based on Android. Lenovo aims to make two version of this device, when it reaches the market - a small one and a large one.

Lenovo CPlus prototype photo

Lenovo's second prototype is the Folio, and this is a tablet that folds in half to be an edge-type smartphone.

These seem to be quite impressive demonstrations. Of course it is impossible to know how close this is for commercialization. Lenovo did not disclose the OLED producer, only that the display was provided "by a partner".

Posted: Dec 22,2016 by Ron Mertens