Lenovo demonstrates a foldable 13.3" Windows laptop

Update: LGD confirms it is supplying the 13.3" foldable OLEDs to Lenovo's prototypes.

Lenovo demonstrated a prototype foldable ThinkPad laptop, that features a 13.3" foldable OLED display. Lenovo says that it developed this device for over three years, and hopes to launched a commercial one in 2020.

The reporters at The Verge really liked the device, but noted that the hardware is clearly not finished - the folding mechanism for example did not feel sturdy (and we all know this is critical in a foldable device) and the display itself suffers from "remarkably poor viewing angles".

We do not know who produced this foldable display, but in October 2018 it was reported that LG Display is working together with Lenovo on a 13.3" foldable OLED laptop device, so it's likely to be LG (which could also explain the relative immaturity of the display).

Lenovo 13.3'' foldable OLED laptop prototype photo

Earlier this month we reported that Intel is looking into foldable OLED laptops. This new Lenovo prototype does use an Intel CPU.

Posted: May 14,2019 by Ron Mertens