Well, the OLED Laptop poll was open for a week, and we got over 100 results. 57% of the people said they are willing to pay 100-250$ extra for an OLED laptop. Obviously our poll is problematic because OLED-Info visitors are likely to want an OLED display... but it still seems to be that adding something like 10%-20% cost to a laptop is something people are willing to pay in exchange for a better display, thinner laptop and better battery life.

The real question is of course whether this is practical... with Sony's 11" OLED TV costing 2500$, it doesn't seem probable that a 14" OLED will add only 250$ cost to a laptop. However the technology is always improving, and it's possible that LG or Samsung will be able to pull off a much cheaper OLED display than Sony's.

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