Researchers from Korea's National University developed a new process based on high-pressure gas sprays that can be used to rapidly transfer OLED layers very quickly - which could reduce the manufacturing time of OLED panels by 90%.

KNU high pressure gas film-transfer method scheme

The new process uses a new air jet technology that sprays desquamating gas such as nitrogen, argon and air at high pressures. The gas is sprayed at a speed of 300 m/s between the OLED and a substrate - which reduces the binding power of the OLED from the substrate, and increases the binding energy of the organic layers being transferred. This can be used to quickly transfer thin films without damage them.

The researchers report that films transferred using the new method achieved a surface roughness of 5.2 nanometers - compared to a surface roughness of 473 nanometers with current methods.




Sounds like UDC's OVJP ??