Korea's government announced its display R&D support plans for 2015, with a large focus on OLEDs and flexible displays. Korea's Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT) announced a budget of $11 million (more than double the 2014 budget).

LGD flexible OLED prototype

Core technology development (including takes up the bulk of the budget, and KEIT will also develop innovative product categories - including heat-resisting OLED materials for in-car displays, access materials for flexible display modules and mass refinement technology for organic materials.

OLED is not the only technology to get funded, of course, KEIT will also help develop 3D holographic recording materials as a future display medium and a new color conversion film that can increase LCD colro gamut.

In June 2014, the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) decided to actively help Samsung Display and LG Display develop core future display technologies. The government, LGD and SDC will jointly invest $30 million USD over five years to develop OLED technologies. In August 2014 MOTIE launched an OLED lighting industry support fund, with plans to invest $21.5 million USD over the next five years.

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