Kopin developed a 35,000-nits green monochrome OLED microdisplay

Kopin Corporation announced it has produced a new 1" SXGA (1280x1024) green OLED microdisplay, that offers 35,000 nits of brightness. Kopin says that this display is the world's brightest OLED developed to date.

Kopin's 35k000-nits green OLED microdisplay photo

The display, which is still in development, uses Kopin's duo-stack OLED structure and a unique patent-pending pixel structure and backplane architecture for super-high dynamic range operation (14 bits).

Kopin says that it is working to achieve even higher brightness OLED microdisplays, approaching 100,000 nits.

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Posted: Jun 23,2021 by Ron Mertens