Kopin Corporation announced today it has received an approximately $850,000 follow-on order for its proprietary Lightning 2K silicon OLED microdisplay backplane wafers. The original order was announced in May 2020.

Kopin Lightning OLED microdisplay photo

According to Kopin's announcement, Kopin is selling these backplanes to other OLED microdisplay providers for seamless integration into their own products. Kopin’s Lightning 2K backplane supports 120 Hz OLED microdisplays with 2048 x 2048 resolution in a 1-inch diagonal size.

Last year year Kopin announced a new double-stack OLED architecture that enables brighter microdisplays with longer lifetime. Also in 2020 Kopin announced a new 1.3" 1000-nits double-stack 2560x2560 OLED microdisplay, co-developed with Panasonic and Lakeside Optoelectronic. Kopin also revealed a 0.49" 720p monochrome green double-stack OLED microdisplay that exhibits ultra-high brightness at more than 20,000 nits with very low power consumption.

In June 2021 Kopin announced it has produced a new 1" SXGA (1280x1024) green OLED microdisplay, that offers 35,000 nits of brightness. The display (still under development) uses Kopin's duo-stack OLED structure and a unique patent-pending pixel structure and 14-bit backplane architecture. Kopin is also developing higher brightness OLED microdisplays, approaching 100,000 nits.

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