Chinese TV makers Skyworth and Konka both announced new OLED TVs, and for the first time these brands will ship their new TVs in the US (and hopefully in other countries outside of China as well). The companies did not announce the shipping date or price of the new TVs yet.

Konka X11 photo

So first up we have Konka's X11 Series, that feature LG's 55" and 65" 4K WRGB panels, with Konka's ZeroBezel Ultra Design with built-in sound bar including dbx TV Sound enhancement.

Skyworth OLEDs, the W81 series, are super thin "Wallpaper" TVs that feature 65" or 77" 4K OLEDs, a separate connector and processing box that includes a 21" pop-up secondary Swaiot OS display, a sliding 12mp camera, HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Skyworth W81 Wallpaper OLED TV photo