Konica Minolta and NEDO (Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) developed a new OLED lighting panel that uses a transparent conductive film instead of ITO. KM presented a prototype 130x130 mm panel:

We don't have any technical info on the new film, but KM says it's highly conductive and has a lower resistance compared to ITO.

KM is currently offering OLED lighting sample sets which includes 5 OLED panels and a driver and costs ¥100,000 (about $1,250), and is now shipping. KM's OLED panels use all phosphorescent emitters (KM is using Universal Display's PHOLED technology), it's the same panel that Philips is offering (as the Lumiblade Plus). In fact Philips is producing this panel for Konica Minolta, as was announced in July 2011.

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