Kia unveiled a new concept car called the GT, which uses transparent OLEDs to display instrument data and navigation. They are using three OLED panels to create a 3D effect, this is quite clever:

Kia is also using OLEDs in the climate control display, to the right of the driver. This car incorporates some pretty smart ideas!

This is Kia's third concept to use T-OLEDs. The first one was the 2010 Pop and the second was the Naimo from early in 2011. While both of these older models used OLED displays, this is the first time Kia uses three panels to create the 3D effect.



you're doing it wrong

of all the possible uses of oled displays in cars this is the lamest. 3d layered effect in the instrument panel. You could accomplish that with current technology if you were clever enough. Transparent OLED in the windshield combined with something that tracks your eyes so that your overlay is constantly lined up with what you actually see coupled with a wide flexible touch screen stretched over the interior (front dash) where you could put controls where you wanted them to be and when you turn the car off, everything just disappears and it looks rather unassuming. 

that would be awesome

that would be awesome

NeoVIew KOLON did it again !!!

 This awesome technology was implemented by NeoVewi KOLON which is an Korean company and has been showing TOLED type clusters in a continuing series of Kia concpet cars.

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