KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple's 2017 iPhone will have a radical new design - curved panels on the device's front and back, glass covers (or perhaps plastic or ceramic, it is not decided yet). According to KGI, the iPhone 7 will sport a 5.8" AMOLED display.

Apple iPhone 6s photo

Kuo says that it is likely that the 5.8" iPhone will be a replacement for the current iPhone 6+ (5.5" LCD) - but if Apple won't be able to secure enough OLED panels, it may choose to release two models, one with LCD and a premium one with an OLED display.

Earlier this month ETNews reported that Apple chose Samsung Display as the company's primary OLED supply, and the two companies signed an official contract. Flexible OLED supply for Apple next iPhone will begin in 2017.

Samsung recently decided to double the capacity of its A3 flexible OLED line - the company placed orders worth around $325 million to increase capacity from 15,000 monthly substrates to 30,000. Samsung hopes the new capacity will be ready by early 2017.

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