Oct 27, 2008

KDDI W63CA  (Casio)Earlier this month, KDDI showed a 3.1" WVGA (480x800) AMOLED, made by samsung. They said these will appear shortly, and today they announced two new phones with this display, both in the 'au' range - the KDDI W63H (Hitachi) and W63CA (Casio).

It seems like larger-sized AMOLEDs are finally getting into mass-market products, as in the last few weeks we have seen several A/V players and mobile phones with 3"+ OLED displays, for example the Cowon S9 Curve, the LG SU100, the Zeiss Photoscope 85 T* FL, and of course Kodak's 7" AMOLED photo frame.


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